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Funkin Mango Puree 1kg

Funkin Mango Puree 1kg

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Funkin Mango Puree 1kg 

Funkin Mango Puree is great to add to a fruity cocktail. It can also be used to add or top fruity puddings, cakes and jellies. It could also be used to flavour curds and jellies.

All Funkin juices and purees are made from 100% natural ingredients and no artificial flavourings or preservatives, just fresh fruit goodness.

The resealable lid means no spillages and a long lasting life when opened means that you can save on waste.

Check out our full range of Funkin Range.

Product Information 
Pure juice nIdeal for mixing with cocktails and soft drinks
1kg pack
Sold individually
Easy to store and suitable for freezing nIngredients: 100% natural
Dietary Information: Kosher; Halal

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