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Galvanised Steel Serving Bucket 12cm Dia- Pack 12

Galvanised Steel Serving Bucket 12cm Dia- Pack 12

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Galvanised Steel Serving Bucket 12cm.

Serving buckets will add a gourmet touch to your dinner table. They are highly versatile. This 80cl capacity bucket can be used to serve bite size foods such as tapas, or as a table tidy for condiment sachets and more. Perfect for restaurants or gastropubs. Metal buckets present food in a new excited way and are ideal for small sides such as peas or those all important sauces, dips and condiments.

You may wish to line with greaseproof paper depending on your ideas for their use.

We stock a full range of serving buckets in different sizes, colours and finishes.

Product information 
Capacity 80cl Height 11cm
Diameter 12cm
Contemporary Design
Combine with Greaseproof Sheets

Product benefits 
Rustic authentic look for your table
Serve sides or Tapas style dishes in an exciting new way
Tough, Durable

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