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Tray Gengrip Fibreglass Oval 31" Black- Pack 1

Tray Gengrip Fibreglass Oval 31" Black- Pack 1


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Oval Fibreglass Tray Black 31 inch GenGrip.

A useful addition to any busy bar, restaurant which allows staff to deliver drinks with an added dimension of safety due to a Rubberised finish to the top of tray meaning staff can deliver drinks to customers with minimum, or no spillage or breakages.

The professional, high quality design utilises a bonded rubber liner which is tough and durable standing the test of time. The ergonomic design aids weight distribution and the balancing of drinks containers.

Product information
- Sold Individually
- Width: 27" x length: 31"
- Width: 596mm x length: 800mm
- Oval - Weight(kg): 3.00
- Colour: Black
- Non-Slip
- Wipe clean only

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