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Genware Glass Terrine Jar 350ml 9.5 x 9cm- Pack 12

Genware Glass Terrine Jar 350ml 9.5 x 9cm- Pack 12

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Genware Glass Terrine Jar 350ml 

Perfect for storing olives, chutneys, pickles or preserves, this glass terrine jar from Genware features a clip top lid, and orange airtight seal.

Perfect for any kitchen and adds vintage flair to your counter tops, these terrine jars could also be used to serve condiments or even individual desserts.

The dimensions on this glass terrine jar allow the item to be displayed on shelves and behind glass counters in coffee shops or restaurants. Inspiration leads to innovation with bespoke storage examples from our customers including coffee, tea, rice, dried fruit, boiled sweets.

Multi-functional toughened glass container with lots of uses.

We stock a full range of jars in various sizes and styles.

Product Information:

Clip top jar
Material: Soda-lime glass
Secure metal clip with orange rubber seal
Airtight seal
Dishwasher safe
Suitable for storing chutneys, pickles and preserves

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