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GenWare Mini Sauce Bottle 30ml/1oz

GenWare Mini Sauce Bottle 30ml/1oz


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Genware Mini Sauce Bottle 1oz

This Genware Mini Sauce Bottle is a great alternative to the classic ramekin, the Genware Mini Sauce Bottle lets you serve up sauces for your customers or guests to dispense themselves.
This miniature bottle holds 30ml, ideal for an individual helping of hot sauce, ketchup, mustard or other sauces.

Product Information

Miniature sauce bottle
Squeeze to dispense design
Screw Top lid with cap for easy refills
Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
Translucent finish nIdeal for sauces such as hot sauce, ketchup, mustard and more Great alternative to traditional ramekins
Hand wash only
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