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Stainless Steel Gold Stirrer 7" (18cm) - Pack 24

Stainless Steel Gold Stirrer 7" (18cm) - Pack 24


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A stainless steel gold stirrer is perfect to dress up any cocktail. These gorgeous gold cocktail stirrers will attract attention at any party and add a little sparkle to your drinks.

For some cocktail inspiration check out our cocktail glasses. 

Ideal for themed parties, adding a twist to cocktail serves and great for decorating any bar area. They are a classy offering helping your establishment stand out from the crowd. The are more eco friendly and manufactured from high quality stainless steel and are suitable for use with cold beverages. We have been relying on the ocean as a dumping ground for waster of all kinds. A stainless steel gold stirrer will help reduce plastic waste. We must make a change. Plastic is no longer a requirement and theses gold stirrers are an example of the alternatives which are popping up across the industry. 

They certainly tick the diversity box, they are reusable so much better for the environment.

Stainless Steel Gold Stirrer 7" (15cm) are also available individually. We also offer Stainless Steel Gold Stirrer 6" (18cm) individually and in packs of 24.

Product Information 
- Length:  7" 180mm
- Pack size - individual
- Colour - gold - Stainless Steel
- Fabulous cocktails and themed drinks 

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