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Hawthorne Strainer - 4 Ear

Hawthorne Strainer - 4 Ear


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Hawthorne Strainer - 4 Prong

Extremely high quality, Hawthorne Strainer (4 Eared).

This fits perfectly onto a Boston Cocktail Shaker making it a cocktail making essential. You've spent painstaking time preparing, mixing and shaking your ingredients to cocktail perfection and then it's time to serve up your creation. Pouring it should be the simple part right? Yet how would you feel if you found your guests choking on an unexpected ice cube or lump of fruit?

Take a look at our range of Cocktail Strainers.

The Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer eradicates such problems, by ensuring no large pieces slip into your glass.
The strainer features 4 prongs for stability, ensuring picture perfect cocktails every time you make a cocktail.

Product Information:
Fits neatly onto a Boston Cocktail Shaker glass
Metal spring to catch ice
4 stabilising prongs
Polished stainless steel
An essential bar tool
Stainless Steel
Metal Spring (For catching ice/fruit)
4 Ears/Prongs for stability

Width: 115mm
Length: 150mm
Depth: 20mm
Weight: 50g

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