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Mezclar Preciso Gold Banded Jigger - 25/50ml

Mezclar Preciso Gold Banded Jigger - 25/50ml


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Mezclar Preciso Multi Measure Jigger 

Perfect for measuring out cocktail ingredients, this stainless steel Mezclar Preciso Multi Measure Jigger has 25ml and 50ml measures. As well as measuring out 25ml and 50ml measures of spirits, the 25ml measure features markings for every 5ml and the 50ml has markings that allows you to measure 10ml increments.

Double measure jigger
Material: Stainless Steel
25ml and 50ml measures in one
The 25ml measure also features 5ml increment lines
The 50ml measure also features 10ml increment lines
Ideal for measuring cocktail ingredients

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