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Monin Almond Syrup 70cl

Monin Almond Syrup 70cl

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Monin Almond Syrup 70cl.

MONIN Orgeat syrup has a rich, velvety, indulgent taste and aroma. It has a pronounced sweet almond taste which is a staple ingredient in many classic cocktails including the out of this world classic, the Mai Tai. MONIN Orgeat syrup can be used in hot chocolates, iced coffees, cocktails and mocktails.

  • Flavour: Distinct almond aroma with a sweet, aromatic taste reminiscent of marzipan.
  • Used in hot drinks, dessert drinks, milkshakes, mocktails, cocktails
  • Use 15-20ml per serve for hot drinks, 10-25ml for cocktails, 20-30ml for frappes and milkshakes, depending on recipe
  • Suitable for vegan, vegetarian diets. Alcohol-free, Halal, Kosher. Pure sugar syrup. Natural flavourings.
  • Volume: 700ml glass bottle


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