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Monin Cherry Syrup 70cl

Monin Cherry Syrup 70cl

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Monin Cherry Syrup 70cl.

Throughout the centuries, cherry trees have been enjoyed for their succulent fruit as well as their beauty. Cherry fruits have enticed the palate for centuries and many varietals now exist. Since ancient times, cherries have enjoyed a special place on tables from the Middle East to Europe. The cherry fruit is popular raw, in preserves, and in pies. Cherry cider, liqueurs and syrups are also made. Monin Cherry is available year-round to impart deep summer cherry flavour to all your beverages.

Beverage Innovation Directors tips 
Fresh ripe cherry flavour is present in this smooth syrup. Try something different and mix it with cola or put our cherry delight in your “Singapore Sling” and you will create drinks with a perfect cherry hint.

Product information
- Colour: Deep dark red.
- Tasting Notes: Cherry Bigarrade smell, with a slight touch of core; very juicy ripe cherry aroma which makes you feel like drinking fresh cherry juice.
- Applications: Cocktails, Sodas, Smoothies, Fruit punches, Tea & Cocoas 

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