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Monin Coffee Frappe Mix 1.36kg

Monin Coffee Frappe Mix 1.36kg

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Monin Coffee Frappe Mix 1.36kg 

Le Frappe de Monin is specially designed to complement the entire Monin flavour range to create a perfect balanced drink. It is made with carefully selected ingredients to match premium quality standards. It is ready to use and perfect for blender, granita/slush and soft serve machines for unlimited indulgent applications in a few seconds!

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Monin Coffee Frappe Mix 1.36kg - Recipe idea 
Flavoured Frozen Coffee
1 scoop Le Frappe de Monin Coffee
30 ml (1 oz.) Monin syrup or 30 ml (1 oz.) Monin sauce
120 ml (4 oz.) milk or water n1 x 12 oz. glass of ice
Blend for 30 seconds.

Recommended Monin flavours.
Syrups: Chocolate, Creme Brulee, Caramel, Vanilla
Sauces: Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate.

For a simple Frozen Coffee use 2 scoops, 150ml of milk or water, ice, blend.

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