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Monin Pina Colada Syrup 70cl

Monin Pina Colada Syrup 70cl


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Monin Pina Colada Syrup 70cl.

MONIN Pina Colada syrup has the perfect blend of sweetness from the creamy coconut and the slight acidic tartness from the pineapple. Pina Coladas are Puerto Ricos national drink, having been created by Ramon Marrero at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in 1954. The name translates from Spanish meaning ‘strained pineapple’. MONIN Pina Colada syrup was developed as part of our ‘virgin flavour range’ to help create delicious non alcoholic alternatives without sacrificing flavour in beverages. It works perfectly in frappes, cocktails and mocktails.

  • Flavour: Balanced aroma of pineapple and coconut with ripe pineapple and desiccated coconut on the finish.
  • Used in cocktails, mocktails, sodas, smoothies and teas
  • Use 10-25ml per serve for cocktails, 20-30ml for frappes and milkshakes, depending on recipe
  • Suitable for vegan, vegetarian diets. Alcohol-free, Halal, Kosher. Pure sugar syrup. Natural flavourings.
  • Volume: 700ml glass bottle

Beverage Innovation Directors tips This combination of tropical pineapple and the exotic flavour of coconut makes this Monin flavour extremely unique. Combine it with fresh banana and yoghurt and you will make a delicious your breakfast smoothie.

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