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Monin Sangria Mix Syrup 70cl

Monin Sangria Mix Syrup 70cl

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Monin Sangria Mix Syrup 70cl.

MONIN Sangria Mix syrup has the most complex formula in the MONIN syrup range. Sangria is the perfect summer punch bringing a Spanish flavour to any fiesta! Traditional sangria - the Spanish name for blood - is a thirst-quenching Spanish cocktail containing red wine, brandy, spices and fruit. The fruit is steeped in the wine mixture for several hours to allow the flavours to blend and mature. MONIN Sangria includes the traditional flavours of red sangria, simply add wine, orange juice and ice. The fruit medley, cinnamon spiced flavour will also add a wonderful rich accent to non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Flavour: A nose of orange peel and cherry core with spicy notes followed by a fruity taste with citrus and cinnamon notes.
  • Used in cocktails, mocktails, sodas, smoothies and teas
  • Use 10-25ml per serve for cocktails, 20-30ml for frappes and milkshakes, depending on recipe
  • Contains 0.43% ABV. Suitable for vegetarian diets. Nut-free. Pure sugar syrup. Natural flavourings. Not suitable for vegan, Hala and Kosher diets.
  • Volume: 700ml glass bottle

Beverage Innovation Directors tips
As Monin Sangria Mix syrup is containing cinnamon extract, you can easily use it for coffee preparations as for example a lovely spice latte with Monin Chocolate sauce or even with Monin Caramel.

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