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Monin Pump Bottle to Fit 1 Ltr

Monin Pump Bottle to Fit 1 Ltr

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Monin Syrup Pump 1ltr

Monin Syrup Pump for use with 1 litre Monin Syrup Bottles. The neck of the pump describes which bottles it can be used with and the portion volume.

Product information Assembly instructions: 
1. Insert dip tube into body of pump.
2. Unlock the pump by holding the body of pump and turning the nozzle clockwise.
3. Insert into a Monin syrup bottle and screw on tightly.
4. Depress a few times to charge the pump.

Pump Measure: 
1 depression = 10ml To flavour a hot drink (e.g. coffee) 230ml/8floz
2 depressions = 20ml To flavour a cold drink (e.g. Milkshake) 230ml/8floz

- Pump will be damaged if put into a dishwasher.
- The pump should be cleaned regularly by hand and must be cleaned when using on with a new bottle of syrup.
- Syrups should not be stored in direct sunlight.

Cleaning Instructions: 
1. Unscrew pump from the bottle.
2. Place pump in warm soapy water and rinse carefully.
3. Pump through with water 10 or more times - or until clear water emerges.
4. Pump again out of the water until all the water is out of the pump.
5. Remove tube and shake until ally he water is out.
6. Leave to dry.

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