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Monin Roasted Hazelnut Syrup 1 Ltr

Monin Roasted Hazelnut Syrup 1 Ltr

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Monin Syrup Roasted Hazelnut 1 Litre

Monin Syrup Roasted Hazelnut 1 Litre is one of the top three speciality coffee flavours, along with vanilla and caramel, Monin Hazelnut syrup delivers the fresh taste and aroma of hazelnut with a touch of almond and vanilla. The nut of the Hazel tree, also known as a cobnut or filbert nut depending on species, hazelnut complements chocolate well. This makes it popular in confectionery as well as being a main ingredient in the chocolate spread Nutella and the vodka-based liqueur Frangelico. It is also a popular pudding flavour used in meringues and as a paste in Viennese tortes.

Enhance your coffee, chocolate and milk drinks and create sophisticated dessert drinks with the moreish nuttiness of Monin Hazelnut.

Beverage Innovation Directors tips 

Monin Hazelnut syrup is ideal with dairy ingredients, as it reveals all its aroma. I like to add Monin Hazelnut syrup in an espresso topped with a hint of whipped cream.

Product information
- Capacity: 1 Litre
- Colour: Gold
- Tasting notes: Fresh hazelnut taste with a subtle touch of almond and vanilla - Applications: Coffees, Milkshakes, Dessert drinks, Cocoas, Steamed milks 

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