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Monin Syrup Spicy Mango 70cl

Monin Syrup Spicy Mango 70cl

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Monin Syrup Spicy Mango 70cl.

The sweet, juicy mango is one of the most commonly eaten fruit in tropical countries around the world. Mangoes are delicious simply peeled and eaten plain or used in salads or chutneys. Their yellow to orange pulp is juicy, distinctively flavoured, and sweet.

Monin Spicy Mango syrup marries sweet mango with spicy Serrano pepper. This sweet heat combination is a unique blend that will keep your customers coming back for more. It is a perfectly balanced and versatile flavour to use behind the bar. Add Monin Spicy Mango to cocktails and non alcoholic beverages for a spicy-refreshing creation.

Beverage Innovation Directors tips 
2 syrups in one !!! Monin Spicy syrup allows you to create amazing recipes. Try it and you’ll be amazed. One of my favourite uses is to combine Monin Spicy Mango syrup in a shaken margarita

Product Information
- Capacity: 70cl
- Colour: Hazy earthy orange.
- Tasting notes: Sweet mango aroma with hint of pepper. Predominantly hot and lingering Serrano pepper flavour with sweet mango. Lightly tart.
- Applications: Iced teas, Lemonades, Sodas, Margaritas, Cocktails & Lattes 

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