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Nostalgia Dash Bottle 5oz (15cl)

Nostalgia Dash Bottle 5oz (15cl)

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Nostalgia Dash Bottle 5oz

This Nostalgia Dash Bottle 5oz is a stylish compliment to any bar. It has a stainless steel and natural cork pourer. Dash bottles are an affordable and easy way to add an element of style to your bar. Perfect for bitters, syrups and liqueurs dash bottles are a functional as well as an attractive addition to any bar.

Dash bottle are ideal for bartenders who want to create real flair. Mixology has developed into a fine art in recent years, and fine artists need the best tools. Bars with a vintage speakeasy feel are right on trend.

We love the old time feel of this dash bottle. It oozes class and says you have thought of the finest detail of your bar and drinks.

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Volume: 5oz/15cl
Hand wash only

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