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Olympia Shooter Glass - 25ml (Box 12) (Tequilla)

Olympia Shooter Glass - 25ml (Box 12) (Tequilla)

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Olympia Shot Glasses 25ml 12 Pack

The perfect shot glass for a busy bar or home. These would work equally well in the home, at your next house party, or commercially for your next major event. If you're throwing a party, or having drinks before a night out, then drinking shots and liqueurs can be great fun. These glasses are dishwasher safe so are practical and functional.  It's not just about the taste though as with cocktails, the key to a good shot is often presentation. The design is sleek and modern and would work in any setting.  They could also work perfectly for wedding favours or small gifts.

We stock a full range of shot glasses.

Product features

  • Glasswasher safe
  • Box quantity 12
  • Capacity 0.9oz / 25ml
  • Dimensions 77(H)x 38(˜)mm
  • Material Glass
  • Glassware Material Glass
  • Glassware Capacity in Ounces 6
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