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Order Pads NCR 50 Leaves Duplicate (76mm x 140mm) - 100pk

Order Pads NCR 50 Leaves Duplicate (76mm x 140mm) - 100pk

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Order Pads NCR 50 Leaves Duplicate 100 Pack 

No need for carbon paper to make the transfer. The text you write on the first page is duplicated on to the underlying pages by the pressure of you writing. The slight pressure of writing on the top sheet causes ink inside the underlying pages to raise to the surface creating a copy of your writing. Pad size 3' x 5½' (4½' tear out) / 76mm x 140mm (114mm tear out).

Order pads are essential to any restaurant or kitchen business. Often order pads are referred to as Waitress Pads, Waiter Pads or Kitchen, Restaurant order pads. Which ever the terminology, there is no doubt that a business cannot function without these essential paper items.

All of our restaurant order pads are competitively priced and manufactured in the UK. All our pads are produced to British standards using high standard materials withstanding the rigors of a busy work environment, this in turn provides customers with a paper pad you can rely on.

Product Information
- Pad Size: 76mm x 140mm (114mm tear out) / 3' x 5½' (4½' tear out)
- Number of sheets: 50
- Duplicate Carbonless Sheets
- Colour: White top sheet / Coloured 2nd sheet
- Numbered: Yes in Black 1-50
- Box Quantity: 100
- Suitability: Kitchen Pad,Take-Away, Wine Pad

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