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4 Part BLACK Plastic Condiment Holder

4 Part BLACK Plastic Condiment Holder

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Plastic Condiment Holder 4 Compartments x 1 Pint

If you've got yourself a home bar, then you will realise that it just isn't complete without all the little finishing touches. You can stuff as many bottles behind the bar as you like, but if you want a bit of variation, then a large quantity of bottles isn't everything.

A bar isn't a bar without the necessary pieces of equipment such as cocktail shakers, a soda syphon and various napkins, straws and drinks stirrers. If you do go down the road of playing with cocktails, then a quick browse over a few recipes will tell you that you will need a few solid ingredients at hand to get the right mixture.

The Condiment Dispenser provide a simple alternative to having numerous bowls from the kitchen sat on your bar-top cluttering up the place. Just fill up each tray with a different condiment such as cherries, herbs or lemon slices and they will all be kept in one convenient place ready to grab when you need them! Constructed from durable aluminium, this Condiment Dispenser has 4 compartments, and features a hollow base allowing you to place your Condiment Dispenser over ice to keep your foodstuffs nice and cool. Each tray is white acrylic, with one hinged clear acrylic lid that provides easy access.

Product Information -

  • 4 compartment holder
  • Heavy duty plastic outer container
  • 4 removable inner plastic containers
  • Clear perspex lid

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