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Muddler - 8.5 Inch Black Plastic Ribbed

Muddler - 8.5 Inch Black Plastic Ribbed

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Plastic Muddler 8.5³  

Heavy duty, high quality Plastic Muddler. Essential for any bar or serious cocktail maker. Plastic Muddler with crinkled end ensuring all ingredients are captured when in use. No cocktail is complete without some juices squeezed from leaves or fruits using a heavy duty Muddler. Put all the ingredients in the bottom of a glass and use the Muddler to squeeze every last drop of flavour out of them.

An absolute must have for any cocktail maker. Any good bartender knows the way to bring out the flavour of your cocktail ingredients is to use a Muddler. Perfect for making mojitos and similar cocktails, the Plastic Muddler has a serrated end that's perfect for grinding the juices out of mint leaves and lime slices. For the ultimate Mojito cocktail, the Plastic Muddler from Genware makes light work out of muddling cocktail ingredients.

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Product Features:
Will crush all ingredients for cocktails.
Black finish
Dishwasher safe.
Dimensions 210 x 35 x 35mm (8.5³).
Material Plastic.
Warranty 1 year.

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