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Polycarbonate Elite Jug 4pt Clear - 4 Pack

Polycarbonate Elite Jug 4pt Clear - 4 Pack

800-1CL CE
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Elite 4 Pint Jug 4pk

Your finest glass jug might impress guests but it won't look so elegant when it's in a thousand pieces.

The Elite 4 Pint Polycarbonate Jug is made from highly durable, yet lightweight materials, ideal if you're dining outside, catering for younger guests or if there's alcohol involved.The simple ribbed design makes this versatile drinks pitcher great for water and juice at the table or beer and cocktails at the bar. LCE at 4 pints, this jug is also suitable for use in licensed establishments.

Product Information  
• Plastic ribbed pitcher jug
• Lined and CE marked at 4 pint
• Material: Polycarbonate
• Virtually unbreakable
• Rigid and reusable
• Recyclable
• Made in the UK
• Ideal for water, juice, beer and cocktails
• Ideal for parties, outdoors, pubs and large events
• Glass washer friendly (tested up to 100 cycles) 

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