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Quick Shot 3-Ball Pourer Clear 25NGS* - 12 Pack

Quick Shot 3-Ball Pourer Clear 25NGS* - 12 Pack

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Quick Shot 3-Ball Pourer Clear 25NGS* 12pk -
  • Standard 3-ball pourer dispenses like a freeflow but gives a controlled measure
  • Also available in CL sizes
  • Must be used in conjunction with an approved Thimble Measure for the prescribed spirits Whisky, Gin, Vodka and Rum

Instructions For Use: Prime the pourer by holding a finger over the spout and quickly turning the bottle over.  Prime pourer before the first use and after each cleaning.  If the pourers are not primed, the shot may not be measured accurately. nWhen pouring, turn the bottle in a smooth motion to a 45-60 degree angle.  Shot pourers are designed to pour fast. *NGS = Not Government Stamped

Product information

  • Plastic
  • Clear
  • Simply push into bottle
  • Versatile fitting
  • Pack Size 12pk

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