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Refine Nick & Nora 6oz (17cl) - Pack 12

Refine Nick & Nora 6oz (17cl) - Pack 12

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Refine Nick, Nora 6oz (17cl) - 24 Pack

This is the perfect glass for a smaller cocktail. Its vintage and elegant design oozes poise. It is inspired by the leading characters, Nick and Nora Charles, from the classic detective film, The Thin Man. It embodies the style and era of the 1930's. The glass has tall walls making it easy to drink from and ensuring your customers or guests can enjoy your bar tending efforts.  It is made from lead free crystal ensuring it safety and that it has great transparency. The stem is delicate so it still feels delicate to hold. From fruity punches to Sangria to specialist cocktails this is a stylish and practical glass for any occasion.  

Product Information

  • Lead-free crystal – FDA approved glass with no toxic additives
  • High transparency
  • Laser treated rim for resistance to chipping
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Weight 128g
  • Material: Glass
  • Height: 15.1cm
  • Width: 7.4cm
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