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Rustic Wooden Display Crate- Pack 1

Rustic Wooden Display Crate- Pack 1

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Rustic Wooden Display Crate

A fabulous addition to any busy bar or restaurant allowing staff to serve condiments and cutlery in a striking and contemporary style. Perfect for carrying a selection of condiments in one of our gorgeous jars or cutlery to your customers.

The wood finish and contemporary look means that they also look fab left on the table ready for your customers to serve themselves.

Elevate the dishes pairing the paddle board with our enamel mugsminiature table service and glassware, perfect for side dishes.

Product information

  • Multifunctional - Works Great Alongside Tr5321 Whether Used For Cutlery, Food Display Or As A Riser
  • Gn Compatible - Fits Full Gn Sized Platters
  • Removable Inserts - "Great for presenting seafood, salads and desserts"
  • Dimensions - 53x32x8cm
  • Rustic Finish
  • Removable Inserts
  • Easy to clean
  • Dark Finish
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