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Lid To Fit -White Compostable Soup Container 8oz - 1000 Pack

Lid To Fit -White Compostable Soup Container 8oz - 1000 Pack


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Soup Container Biodegradable White 8oz 1000 Pack

Made from sustainably-sourced paper board, these soup cartons are compostable, leakproof and feature a grease resistant lining. Ideal for any establishment providing a food take-away service. Practical, yet elegant in design. soup cartons are the eco-chic container for takeaway soups.

Ideal for soup, rice, stews, porridge, desserts.

The space saving stacking system for the Compostable Soup Container is ideal for high, frequent usage. This would include festivals or outdoor events in general. The neat design allows multiple stacks as the containers neatly slot into one another, Matryoshka Doll style! A few of our customers are in the ice cream vending trade, assuring us that the containers are also excellent at holding several scoops of your favourite vanilla or chocolate flavoured treats. With no leakage - even on the sunniest of days!

Product information

  • Box quantity 1000.
  • Capacity 80z.
  • Certified Compostable.
  • Made from sustainably-sourced paper board.
  • Water-based, compostable, grease-resistant lining.
  • Leakproof webbed edges.
  • Perfect for hot and cold dishes.
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