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Soup Container Lids Biodegradable 8oz - 1000 Pack

Soup Container Lids Biodegradable 8oz - 1000 Pack

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Soup Container Lid Biodegradable 8oz 1000pk

Compostable and biodegradable flat soup container lids manufactured from CPLA.

The soup containers these lids are for are from sustainably-sourced paper board, these soup cartons are compostable, leakproof and feature a grease resistant lining. Ideal for any establishment providing a food take-away service. nPractical, yet elegant in design. soup cartons are the eco-chic container for takeaway soups. Ideal for soup, rice, stews, porridge, desserts.
  • to fit 8oz soup containers
  • Perfect for hot and cold dishes.
  • Box quantity 1000.
  • Certified Compostable.

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