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Stainless Steel 21cm / 8 1/4 Inch Muddler

Stainless Steel 21cm / 8 1/4 Inch Muddler

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Stainless Steel and Plastic Muddler 8"

To ensure you don't loose your grip on your precious muddler after a few too many mojitos, Stainless Steel Muddler with crinkled end ensuring all ingredients are captured when in use. Great for when you've got lots of drinks to prepare, you can quickly and firmly crush the flavours out of your ingredients with the serrated diamond base.

Ideal for those cocktail ingredients that need a bit of extra elbow grease, whether you're mashing limes and sugar for a Caipirinha, smashing herbs such as mint for Juleps or cracking ice.

You'll soon be impressing your guests with your fabulous tasting cocktails!

Product Features:
Stainless Steel Shaft
Heavy Duty Plastic Head
8" Length 

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