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GenWare Stainless Steel Ramekin 34cl/12oz- Pack 24

GenWare Stainless Steel Ramekin 34cl/12oz- Pack 24


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12oz Stainless Steel Ramekin

These stainless steel ramekins are made from high quality steel to resist staining and oxidation. Holding 12oz these stainless steel ramekins are ideal for portions of sauces and dips. They are also large enough to serve sides such as chips or wedges. Economical and more robust than porcelain, these ramekins not only look good but provide establishments a money saving alternative to constantly replacing the tradition porcelain ramekin. These stainless ramekins are available in a range of sizes and colours to suit many needs.

 We have a large selection of ramekins with different finishes and in different sizes.

Product Information

  • This 12oz example is suitable as small finger bowl or for a small dessert.
  • Height 7.5cm

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