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8.5 Inch St/Steel Metal Straw

8.5 Inch St/Steel Metal Straw

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Stainless Steel Straws 8.5"

For far too many years the world has been relying on the ocean as a dumping ground for waste of all kinds. Regarding the plastic waste, this will never be fully degradable so we must make a change.

Whether you prefer using a straw for all beverages or only to enjoy your favourite cocktail, plastic is no longer a requirement, natural alternatives are popping up across the industry. One such alternative is our new Stainless Steel drinking straws. They certainly tick the diversity box, these straws are also much better for the environment than plastic straws, they are also reusable!

A classy offering, these stainless steel straws will surely help your establishment stand out from the crowd. These eco-friendly straws are manufactured from high quality stainless steel and are suitable for use with hot and cold beverages. Although, as we are sure you know metal is a great conductor of heat! So watch your straws getting too hot if you serve them in hot drinks!

At 8.5 inches long they are certainly above average!

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