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Bottle Opener/Catcher Stand Up

Bottle Opener/Catcher Stand Up

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Stand-Up Bottle Opener, Catcher

This black plastic Cap Catcher Pillar is a brilliant and labour saving device perfect for bars, restaurants and even the home. When attached to the wall you can quickly remove bottle caps with ease and the hanging bucket catches them as they fall.

Comes with bottle opener, cap catcher and screws to attach it to wall. Simply use the 2 screws to attach the bottle opener to your wall/surface and hang the catcher over it - that way you can easily remove the catcher to empty the contents.

Product Information:
Wall mounted bottle opener with bottle cap catcher
No more bottle caps strewn about your floor
All bottle caps simply fall into the large 'catcher'
Easy to empty - the catcher simply hangs over the bottle opener 

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