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Save & Pour Quart - GREEN

Save & Pour Quart - GREEN

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Store and Pour Green

The Store, Pour is a neat little seal-able and reusable plastic bottle with a simple but highly effective pouring spout. Ideal for adding mixers and juice to cocktails and spirits when behind a bar, at a party or hosting a special event.

Just fill it up and use the long-necked pouring spout to get a clean pour without any mess. When you are done, just remove the spout and take off the bottom of the bottle and use it as a lid.

Product information
- Store and pour bottle
- Colour coded lid for easy identification
- Two modes: Pouring or storage
- Base doubles as a lid
- Suitable for juices and mixers
- Ideal for use in bars and at parties
- Hand wash only
- Weight: 178g
- Volume: 1ltr (35oz)

Pack contents
- 1 x Pouring Lid
- 1 x Storage Container
- 1 x Flat Lid

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