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Super Globe 1.5 Litre 51oz (03-19-101)

Super Globe 1.5 Litre 51oz (03-19-101)

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Super Globe 1.5 Litre 51oz

This beautiful glass is the ideal party piece to go large with a rather generous 1.56 litre serving. Add some flair to any cocktail party with this elegant stemmed cocktail sharing glass, ideal for classic cocktails like a classic Martini.

Check out our cocktail decorations to add a bit more sparkle! This beautiful is also perfect as an unusual dessert dish. From exotic fruit salads to a twist on a traditional trifle, all puds are guaranteed to wow! nWhy not use as the centre piece on a table. Add candles, foliage for a really show stopping conversation piece! Ideal for weddings, parties or any celebration.

Product Features
Large cocktail glass
Ideal for huge cocktails or ice cream
Material: Non-tempered glass
Durable for everyday use
Safe edge rim guarantee
Dishwasher safe

Product Dimensions:
  • 18h x 16d cm
  • Depth (m) : 0.4890
  • Width (m) : 0.3280
  • Height (m) : 0.2020

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