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Spey Dram Glass 12cl

Spey Dram Glass 12cl

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Urban Bar Spey Dram Glass 12cl.

Add some real style, flair to your establishment with the comprehensive Urban Bar range of prestige barware products.

Urban Bar glass items are both hand and machine made. Urban Bar endeavor to supply products that are the best that technology can produce. Unlike some other suppliers Urban Bar do not apply any lacquers or coatings to their glasses as these are never dishwasher proof and peel off. This is the perfect glass when you need a 'wee' dram.

It is smaller than the normal glass so is most suitable for smaller quantities such as tastings. It is a lovely glass to hold and the lovely bowl shape allows the alcohol to swirl and the aromas to rise to the nose.

Product Information
- Capacity cl: 12
- Drink type: Mini Spey
- Item Type: whisky
- Capacity oz: 4.2
- Height mm: 80
- Width mm: 59
- Pack size: 1
- Range: Spirit

Urban Glass Care
- All of our glassware is dishwasher safe but we would recommend you treat them carefully, wash them individually, by hand and do not soak them with other glasses!
- Avoid the rims of martini glasses coming into contact with other glasses.
- Never scoop ice with a glass or stack them, unless they have been designed for stacking.
- When pouring hot drinks, always preheat the glass with hot water.
- Conversely, never put cold water or ice into warm or hot glasses.

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