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Vegware 16oz Single Wall Brown Kraft Cup - 1000pk

Vegware 16oz Single Wall Brown Kraft Cup - 1000pk


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Introducing Vegware's single-wall hot cup, perfectly compatible with Vegware's 89-Series lids. This versatile cup is tailored for a wide array of hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and other hot drinks, in addition to serving as a convenient solution for on-the-go soups and an excellent tool for portion control when indulging in treats like chips and fried goodies.

Crafted from responsibly sourced board material and featuring an inner lining made from plant-based PLA, this cup marries the rustic charm of brown kraft with the recognizable green branding of Vegware. This cup is not only celebrated for its award-winning quality, but it also embodies Vegware's commitment to sustainability, being crafted entirely from plant-derived materials.

Moreover, this cup has been thoughtfully designed with disposal in mind, being suitable for industrial composting while also being recyclable through local coffee cup recycling programs, allowing you to make an eco-conscious choice tailored to your specific locality. Vegware's single-wall hot cup is the embodiment of both sustainability and practicality, catering to environmentally conscious consumers.

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