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Vegware Hot Cup Sip Lids Fits 8oz -1000 Pack

Vegware Hot Cup Sip Lids Fits 8oz -1000 Pack

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Vegware Hot Cup Lids Fits 8oz x 1000 Pack

These lids are made from cornstarch, which emits 78% less CO2 during production than standard oil-based plastic alternatives. For use of 8oz Vegware Hot Cups.

All the cups in this range will completely break down within twelve weeks, making them perfect for festivals and gigs, or anyone wanting to reduce waste that goes to landfills. The cups also benefits from a sturdy construction, with a strong, reliable base that makes it perfect for use outdoors.

*Please Note: Lids, Cups are sold separately. Find the Lids to match here*.

Product Features

  • Pack size: 1000pk
  • Uses: Put a lid on our 8oz cup
  • Materials: CPLA high heat plant-based PLA
  • Certification: Compostable under BPI
  • Product dimensions: 7.9cm/3.1in diameter.
  • Smaller, Easier To Manage Pack Sizes
  • Easy To Re-Oder Cartons
  • New Recyclable Packaging - Because We Care About Sustainability
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