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Vintage Cocktail Shaker 50cl/17.5oz- Pack 1

Vintage Cocktail Shaker 50cl/17.5oz- Pack 1

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Vintage Cocktail Shaker 50cl/17.5oz

The Vintage Cocktail Shaker is the perfect way to make a delicious cocktail easily. its beautiful exterior gives it a sense of elegance and is perfect for any social occasion. Be the envy of any party with this fabulous cocktail shaker! Its perfect size means you can make more cocktails faster or just an extra large cocktail for one! This is the perfect piece of equipment for accomplished bar tenders in delivering the best cocktails possible!

Wouldn't quite consider yourself an accomplished bar tender? Not to worry, we have plenty more products for everyone to be drinking the most beautiful cocktails with our effortlessly luxurious cocktailware.

The Vintage Cocktail Shaker is also excellent for chilling your cocktails to make them just that little bit more delicious!

  • The vintage steel collection combines modern cocktail equipment with a distinctive antique appearance.
  • why not pair this with one of our beautiful Cocktail Glasses? Find the perfect one for you!
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