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Vintage Muddler 22.5cm- Pack 1

Vintage Muddler 22.5cm- Pack 1

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 Vintage Muddler 22.5cm

Stylish, elegant and practical. The vintage muddler will always keep your cocktails tasting amazing with it being so easy to use, creating the perfect blend of all of your desired ingredients. With an easy grip handle, the troubles of crushing fruits and herbs for the perfect cocktail are gone, not to mention, the vintage muddler will still catch those wonderful flavours for the perfect drink so that you can enjoy being the life of the party all with the ease of making delicious cocktails.

The design also offers a modern way of making cocktails with an authentic and distinctive look, just to make things even better!

Why not go all out and make your cocktails even more fabulous with more of the Cocktailware we have for you?

Enjoy the luxury of having effortlessly delicious drinks for any occasion!

  • Perfect for crushing fruits, herbs etc. to create the perfect flavours for cocktails.
  • Authentic and distinctive look with easy grip to help keep cocktail making fun.
  • Premium equipment for pressing and crushing ingredients.

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