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Wooden Cocktail Stirrers 250pk

Wooden Cocktail Stirrers 250pk

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Add style and sustainability to your cocktail presentations, with these 100(L)mm Fiesta Green, wooden cocktail stirrers. Made entirely from renewable and biodegradable betula wood, the stirrers help to divert harmful waste from landfill sites - instead breaking-down into the Earth without any negative, environmental impact.

Plus, they're practical too! Completed with a rounded end, these cocktail stirrers allow your staff and guests to properly mix their cocktails and release their full, rich flavour.

And not only kind to the environment, the betula wood material means these stirrers also boast a natural look that perfectly contrasts with the vibrant colours of your cocktails - making them look every-bit as good as they taste.

Product features

  • Material Betula Wood
  • Weight 7.5g
  • Colour Natural
  • Natural material means the stirrers will biodegrade into the Earth quickly and safely
  • Adds a stylish look to your drink presentations
  • Helps to keep garnishes in-place
  • Sustainably sourced betula wood improves your eco-friendly practices
  • Paddle design allows your staff and guests to fully mix cocktails
  • Rustic look contrasts with cocktails', vibrant ingredients
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