Bagasse Takeaway Boxes

Bagasse Takeaway Boxes

Sep 13, 2022Clare Bridson

Bagasse takeaway containers are a great and reliable product for keeping your   food hot and secure on its way to customers.

They are also an environmentally friendly solution for your takeaway and delivery options as the boxes are fully compostable and leave only water and carbon dioxide behind as they decompose, unlike products made from chemical compounds.

Take a look at our range:

Bagasse Clamshell Large 9" x 6" 2 Compartment

bagasse 2 compartment takeaway container

Sold in packs of 250, these boxes are ideal with for anything that comes with a side such as rice, chips or salad.


Bagasse Burger Box 6"

bagasse white burger box

These environmentally friendly boxes come in packs of 500 and are perfect for your burgers.

Rigid and ideal for hot food, these clamshell boxes are a must for any business delivering hot food.  They come in packs of 400.


Bagasse Clamshell Large 9 x 6"


These larger 2 boxes work for both hot and cold food and in an number of different establishments.  They are sold in packs of 250.

Long White Bagasse Food Box Fish and Chip Box 13" x 6"

fish and chips box

These fish and chip boxes and also be used for a number of other foods and are a popular choice with our customers. 250 boxes per pack. 


See our full range of takeaway packaging.

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