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Fresher's Week is Coming!

August 30, 2022

Fresher's weeks are big for bars, clubs and student unions throughout the Country.  

They bring new people, who like to go out, to your City and establishments. 

To ensure you are ready for for the influx, we've put together this list of September essentials. 


Disposable Shot Glasses 

Ideal for use at any event bar or club, these glasses are crafted from a food-safe polymer so they are shatterproof making them safer for those big nights. 

disposable shot glasses

Event Reusable Pints 

These rigid, toughened polystyrene re-usable pint glasses are reusable with a long life expectancy and will not mist or discolour. Sold in packs of 100 they work out at just 16p a glass!

event disposable pint glass

Disposable Hi-Ball

At 300ml/10oz, these disposable plastic highballs are suitable for a wide variety of long drinks. It is crystal clear, relatively ridged and comes sleeved to keep them clean and dust free. 

Disposable hi-ball

12” Pizza Boxes

Our pizza boxes are, perfect for trattorias, pizzerias, promotions and take-out restaurants. With only a slight gap in the opening tab these boxes ensure pizzas stay piping hot for your customers.

12 inch pizza box

Recycled Napkins

100% recycled with a recycled logo printed on them with water based inks, these napkins are suitable for serving with food and drinks in any setting. 

Recycled Napkins

Takeaway Bags 

We sell a range of paper bags, foil bags and handled bags for your take away foods - ideal for cafes, delis, coffee shops and of course takeaways. 

Takeaway Bags

Black Paper Straws

Environmentally friendly and biodegradable these black paper straws look great in any drink in any location.  8 inches long they come in boxes of 250.

Black Paper Straws

Chalk Pens

Will be you promoting freshers deals? These thick nip chalk pens are perfect for writing up your offers and specials on indoor and outdoor black boards.  


Chalk Markers

Compostable Rubbish Bags 

100% biodegradable and compostable these rubbish bags are just what you need to clean up after your freshers parties and events - plus they are environmentally friendly too.

compostable rubbish bags

Quick Shot 3 Ball Pourer

These 50ngs pourers are suitable for use in all licensed establishments and come in a range of colours.  They make pouring your customers drinks quick and easy. 

Quick shot pourer

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