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March 22, 2021

Biodegradable Cups and Glasses. Love Tiki are pleased to launch a new range of biodegradable cups and glasses, to complement our existing biodegradable products. Love Tiki supports and is committed to protecting the environment and therefore offers customers a wide choice of products that are environmentally friendly. This ranges from bamboo and wooden products produced from commercially grown crops to plastic cutlery, tumblers and straws that are manufactured using Oxo-Biodegradable material. Read more about Oxy-Biodegradeable.

The visual and practical aspects of the products remain. However, due to a cellulose additive within the material, once the products are disposed of, the degradation process begins.  Flexy-Glass™ Pint to line CE marked, Flexy-Glasses are thin walled Oxo-Biodegradable polypropylene tumblers that are crack resistant. The tumblers are designed with a step in the base, for maximum stackability. This also allows Biodegradable Cups and Glasses to be easily pulled apart. This makes them an ideal choice in busy bars and areas where safety and speed of service are of primary importance. Manufactured under strict hygienic conditions the tumblers are sleeved to keep them clean and dust free. Biodegradable cups and glasses are available plain or printed to promote the use of eco-friendly products.

Love Tiki recently had over 100,000 Biodegradable Cups and Glasses in use at the 2014 Wickerman festival.

Biodegradable Cups and Glasses – Mini Gallery

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