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Reusable Plastic Glassware

March 22, 2021

Reusable plastic glassware from Love Tiki is an economical and safe way to serve up traditional mixed drinks or groovy cocktail recipes. Our range consists of incredibly tough, clear plastic reusable containers. They are ideal for use at any event or in any bar or club. Crafted from a food-safe polymer these containers have a robust ergonomic feel and are ideal for intimate occasions or large functions and events. You never have to worry about immediate replacement when dropped and unlike glass the shatterproof material will minimize the risk of injury to your clientele, giving every event organiser peace of mind. Containers have a long life expectancy and will not mist or discolour. Our full range offers plenty of choice with Bulk Discounts & Free Shipping available.

Our exclusive Reusable Plastic Glassware Champagne range allows you to crack open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate into the small hours with the Plastic Champagne Flutes! Slim and eye catching with the look of real glassware. As your guests continue to consume more and more fizz, you would usually have to expect a few glassware breakages, but with these plastic glasses you can drop them or even throw them across the room and you won’t have any glass splinters to clean up!

If you like a jack n coke our Reusable Plastic Glassware rocks tumblers will ensure breakages will be a thing of the past. With a classic design, the Remedy is ideal for serving up a whisky on the rocks. Made from reusable and highly durable plastic, they are ideal for both domestic and commercial use.

When it gets late in the weekend and your friends are getting a bit boisterous, you might begin to worry that a few glasses will get knocked over or dropped. All you need is a few of these Reusable Plastic Glassware pint tumblers! Shaped just like a real pint glass, these tumblers come with an official government stamp to verify the measure in accordance with UK trading standards, so they are as good as a real glass! More than just a disposable, these glasses are durable enough to withstand washing and reusing.

So whatever occasion you plan this year be sure to stock up on our Reusable Plastic Glassware.

Reusable Plastic Glassware – Mini Gallery

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