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Christmas Party Bar Essentials

November 15, 2022

Are your bars and restaurants ready for the Christmas party season yet?  

It’s not far away.  

Whether you are hosting parties, serving festive meals or expecting extra revellers in your bar, here are a few things to make your festive season a little easier.


14" Highly Polished Waiters Tray

This High End Stainless Steel, Round Waiter’s Tray, is simple and elegantly designed. It features a highly polished mirror finish with raised edges. This makes it perfect for serving sophisticated drinks.

silver waiters tray 


14 Inch Round Black Plastic Non Slip Tray

A useful addition to any busy bar or restaurant, this try will allow your staff to deliver drinks with an added dimension of safety due to it’s rubberised finished top. The professional, high quality design utilises a bonded rubber liner which is tough & durable standing the test of time. 

black plastic non slip waiters tray


Stainless Steel Wine Cooler - Copper Plated

The simple design of this wine cooler and polished copper finish, with a contrasting stainless steel interior, ensures it looks stylish on any table. It’s double walled stainless steel cooler is perfect for keeping chilled wine cooler for longer.

 Copper plated wine cooler


Stainless Steel Wine Cooler 

This brushed steel wine bottle cooler encompasses design with functionality. The cooler has a unique design to give a truly elegant and sophisticated feel to a dining room, cocktail bar or restaurant.

stainless steel wine cooler  


8 Litre Plastic Wine Cooler - White

The ideal wine or beer cooler for any party indoors or out. Ideal for weddings and larger functions.

8 litre white plastic wine cooler 


6 Litre Plastic Ice Bucket Foil Wrapped

A contemporary ice bucket with lid holding up to 6 litres with removable drainer tray for quick and easy cleaning and replenishment. Perfect for busy bars and outdoor events and festivals.

6 litre foil wrapped ice cooler


Copper Plated Champagne Stopper

Made from stainless steel, this stylish copper bottle stopper fits most champagne and wine bottles.

copper plated champagne stopper 


Champagne Stopper

If you don't want the celebrations to end, preserve your bottle of bubbly with this stainless steel champagne stopper. It acts as a clamp to fit most bottle necks, forming a seal to keep your champagne or sparkling wine fresh.

 champagne stopper


7 Inch Vinyl Coated Bar Blade - BLACK

This Black Stainless Steel Bottle opener is ideal for any bar, restaurant or club, it is perfect for opening bottles quickly and easily and is designed to be easy to use due the vinyl grip.     

black vinyl bottle opener

Burgundy Waiters Friend

Allows for half cork extraction and repositioning for final extraction. Double-hinged 2-step boot lever helps lift the cork along a straight vertical line - no straining sideways against the bottle neck. 

burgundy waiters friend


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