The Things Your Bar Will ALWAYS Need

The Things Your Bar Will ALWAYS Need

Nov 08, 2022Clare Bridson

With World Cup in Quatar starting later this month and Christmas on it’s way, it’s to be a busy couple of months for pubs and bars in throughout the UK.

If you’re showing the games in your place and looking forward to welcoming people on their Christmas nights out, here are some of the items you can never have enough of.



Prince Beer Mug

This glass is great for any casual dining setting looking for modern beer presentation options. Not only for beer, Prince is a great alternative to cocktail presentation.

Love tiki prince beer mug


Handy Tumbler

The Crystal Handy range of glassware brings clean and simple lines to everyday serves, ideal for cocktails, spirits or perfect as a simple water glass.

handy tumbler from love tiki


Xtra Wine Glass

The gentle curves of this glass, softens the profile of this modern angular glass  giving it a universal appeal.

xtra wine glass


Olympia Shooter Glass

The perfect shot glass for a busy bar. These would work equally well at your next house party, or commercially for your next major event

shot glass


Arc Juniper Gin Cocktail Glass

A trend setting stem glass designed for the gin market

juniper gin glass


Tulipa Optic Tumbler 

 A beautiful modern shaped tumbler. 

Tulipa tumbler by love tiki



Bar Blade 7 Inch

 A great bartenders blade for behind any bar,

stainless steel bottle opener


Wonderdry Tea Towels Red

These hard-wearing tea towels help avoid cross-contamination in commercial kitchens. Long lasting and absorbent, they are designed for heavy commercial use.

wonder dry tea towels


Stainless Steel Tip Tray

This product is a great addition for any commercial kitchen, cafe or pub. It's a simple and effective way to display receipts and bills to customers. 

stainless steel tip tray


Mezclar Tin on Tin Boston Cocktail Shaker 800ml - Dual Tin Shaker

 A useful cocktail set that avoids the hassle of searching for a tight fitting pourer, this is a cocktail essential for any bar.

cocktail shaker love tiki


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