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March 23, 2021

We are thrilled to be sponsoring the first Edinburgh Cocktail Weekend which will be kicking off on the 6th -8th of October. With only two weeks to go we thought we’d take a little preview of the delicious cocktails on offer.


No. 8 Lister Square is a sophisticated bar located in Edinburgh’s swanky Quartermile district and serving top notch gastro food and cocktails. Open for lunch and getting livelier as the day goes on, No. 8 Lister Square is offering up the Bulldog Sour as it’s signature cocktail for just £4 with a wristband.


Montpeliers Bar and Brasserie can see you through Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with a cocktail or two along the way. Their signature cocktail for Edinburgh cocktail weekend will be a delicious mix of vanilla and peach with the punderful title of Some of a Peach.


The recently refurbished Shanghai club is one of Edinburgh’s top night clubs and it will be topping off your night out with its delicious signature cocktail the Opihr Rose.


Forage into the center of the city for some sensual cocktails at the Epicurean bar where the signature cocktail is Epicurious with some explosive flavours.

Sounds good eh?

So make sure you get your £6 ECW wristband and look forward to a weekend of sipping, sampling and socialising your way across the city.

Your wristband will give you exclusive access to signature cocktails for just £4 at 50 of the capital’s best cocktail bars. All cocktails are made with premium spirits and shaken, stirred and strained to perfection by the city’s top mixologists.

Wristbands also give you the chance to attend free masterclasses & tastings, permit you entry to exclusive ECW pop-up spaces & events, get you fabulous perks around the city, and give you free entry to top late night venues.

Book online in advance then come down to the Edinburgh Cocktail Weekend Hub at ANTA on George Street (between 3rd – 8th October) to swap your ticket for your wristband. Then it’s time to go explore #ECW17!


For more information check out the Edinburgh Cocktail Weekend website 


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