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How Do You Like Your Chips?

March 23, 2021

On the side? Consuming half your plate? In the middle of the table for all to share? – Heaven forbid!

Today is National French Fries Day and we thought we’d take a look at all the original ways to serve up everyone’s favourite potatoes.


We guess you like a tasty wedge: Chunky cut with a crispy potato skin on one side and a good peppery seasoning.

Miniature Wooden Serving Barrel

Miniature Wooden Barrel 11.5 x 13.5cm  – The Miniature Wooden Barrel is perfect for serving up a chunky chip with a rustic country burger.

Galvanised steel white serving bucket

Galvanised Steel Serving Bucket 10cm White  – The White Serving bucket will add some farmhouse chic to your chip dish.


Share Basket

You’re a braver soul than me but if you are going to share your chips you make sure you have a decent sized serving basket!

 Oblong Wire Basket

Wire Basket, Oblong 39x17x8cm  – The Oblong Wire basket is just right for a big appetite or those of you who are generous enough to share your chips.



The industrial look will have your chips served up in a truly unique presentation bucket. This style is for the classic chip or a crinkle cut, right?

serving fry basket

Serving Fry Basket –  For the authentic look of freshly cooked chips, serve them in a mini fry basket.



The industrial-look’s elegant sibling. These serving solutions are quirky and stylish, perfect for your sweet potato fries or plantain chips. And chips feel healthier when served in a colander don’t they?

 genware cone serving ramekin

Genware Serving Cone 1 Ramekin – This retro serving cone is a perfectly authentic chip cone, ideal for using with some red gingham greaseproof paper.

copper serving basket

Copper Serving Fry Basket Round – The copper fry basket makes an elegant side serving basket for a range of chips.


Gardener’s Grub

Perhaps more of a coincidence than a definitive style, these unique gardening themed serving buckets are ideal for the keen horticulturalist. Fill them with some tasty, organic chunky chips.

terracotta serving pot

Terracotta Pot Rustic – This simple serving pot has a striking effect on your dinner table. Ideal for individual portions of Gastropub style chips.

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