New Tiki Mugs

New Tiki Mugs

Oct 30, 2023Clare Bridson
We're excited to share with you our new range of Tiki Mugs.
Perfect for serving drinks at any time of year, these playful mugs, shaped like grinning gods and mystical creatures, give a hint of island adventures and exotic holidays.

With their cheeky charm and retro allure, our tiki mugs don't just hold drinks; they hold stories of beachside rendezvous, laughter-soaked nights, and the kind of escapades that come with tiny umbrellas and a touch of mischief.

Our new range includes these beauties at a fabulous introductionary price....

  Blue Moai Tiki Mug 16oz -  £3.99



   Koi Fish Tiki Mug 12oz - £3.99


  Blue Zombie Tiki Mug 16oz - £3.99


   Brown Kekoa Tiki Mug 18.5oz - £3.99


So we suggest you embracing the tiki mug as life is too short for you and your customers not to sip your favourite concoctions from a vessel that's as cheeky and vibrant as you are.  

Cheers to the tantalizing tiki mug, where every sip feels like a playful escapade! 🍹

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