Mar 23, 2021Clare Bridson

Coffee shop, pub or just for your home our range of peg board’s. The letter peg board is the perfect way to get your menu and messages across and looks fabulous!

The black peg board with a selection of coloured letter sheets (red, white and yellow) have a gorgeous nostalgic feel and look amazing in any venue!

Not that size matters but we have peg boards for all sizes with a large letter board, medium letter board and small letter board. The letter sets come in a variety of sizes also helping you to make a real impact! If you can’t decide we have set up some handy sets with a board and a selection of different colour letters, check them out on our Peg Board Sets page

You can check out all of our peg boards and letter sets on our peg boards letter sets design a sign page.  We have a few of our favourites though…

Black Peg Board & Medium Letter Set 12″ x 18″


The perfect board for your coffees or cocktails. Make ours a Gin and Tonic!


 Black Peg Board & Medium Letter Set 24″ x 36″

We LOVE this board for you food and drinks menu! Looking good in any busy bar.




Our range of peg boards are manufactured by Beaumont TM in the UK, as are the pegs. Available in four different sizes the peg board can be used on a large scale or for something smaller. Alongside the boards we also sell the packs of pegs and we are very proud to say that you get almost 3 times more pegs in our packs than you will do from the nearest competitor – 660 characters to be exact! We know there can be nothing more infuriating than  pegging up your specials and realising you don’t have enough of the letter ‘E’ to finish; and then having to order another whole bag of pegs just to get the few missing letters you require.


Peg board 2 Peg board 1



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