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Monin Blood Orange Syrup 70cl

Monin Blood Orange Syrup 70cl

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MONIN Blood Orange syrup has a unique balance of sweet, sour and acidity all captured in a bold red coloured syrup. Blood oranges develop their unique colouration when they are developing in low temperatures at night. They have a unique flavour almost akin to raspberries. MONIN Blood orange syrup is ideal for adding a bitter sweet flavour to lemonades, iced teas, cocktails and mocktails.

  • Flavour: Sweet and fragrant acidity on the nose. Followed by an unmistakable juicy and bitter, citrus taste on the palate.
  • Used in cocktails, mocktails, sodas, smoothies and teas
  • Use 15-30ml per serve for cocktails, 30ml for frappes and milkshakes, or 15ml for iced teas and lemonades, depending on recipe.
  • Suitable for vegan, vegetarian diets. Alcohol-free, Halal, Kosher. Pure sugar syrup. Natural flavourings.
  • Volume: 700ml glass bottle

    Directors Tips 

    Bring a fruity flavour freshness and a nice colour to your signature drinks. To accentuate the lightly bitter taste of Monin Blood Orange syrup, I recommend adding a touch of Monin Bitter to your best recipes, it will reinforce the deep red colour.

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